12 November, 2013

Gujarat trip and more, October 2013

Marie enjoyed hanging around in Ahmedabad.

We spent a month galavanting around remote bits of the north-western Indian state of Gujarat (including out near the Pakistan border), less remote bits of Rajasthan like Jaipur and Delhi, and some positively un-remote bits of Kolkata.

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Marie was on a personal quest to learn as much as possible about Indian block-printing, and I (as usual) was on the hunt for an elusive East India Company colonial ancestor.

05 June, 2013

Trip to Uttarakhand (Nainital, Haridwar, Dehradun, Rishikesh), April-May 2013

 Peter meets one of Nainital's former residents, fully house-trained (the tiger, not Peter).
It lived in one of the houses that belonged to my great-great grand-uncle in the 1870s.

Are we crazy? After having travelled to Sri Lanka last August, then India in January this year, blow me down if we go and DO IT ALL AGAIN!  Totally NUTS!!  But this time, admittedly, there were differences. Anna came with us to Sri Lanka in March, then Marie and I went to Uttarakhand in April, a northern Indian state we'd never been to before.

In Uttarakhand we spent a week at Nainital, a chilly hill-station in the foothills of the Himalayas, with the hope of finding evidence of the presence of my great-great grandfather from the 1870s. Not only did we find evidence, but (to our great delight) we found a lot of it.  Also visited a delightful new school being established in a small village an hour outside the state capital Dehradun. Between Nainital and Dehradun we met a lot of new friends and fine people.

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04 June, 2013

Sri Lanka trip, March 2013 with Anna

Marie explores the Law Courts at Galle Fort, southern Sri Lanka, a place doubtlessly familiar to her great-grandfather who was a Colombo attorney. We went there with our daughter Anna in March 2013. Also visited the Kandy elephant poo competition, a two-thousand year old airport, hunted wild animals and whales, and flew in a hot-air balloon.
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06 April, 2013

India ...again! ...January-February 2013

Yep, we've been to India yet again - and nope, that's not moi in the photo (you can tell cuz the beard's the wrong colour). Been indulging ourselves in a little Hindoo-Voodoo out of Africa, attending the Jaipur Literature Festival for the third time, and beseiging sixteenth-century forts.
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