12 August, 2008

China. CHINA?
Yoo-hoo, where ARE you??

No need to make the obvious comment about being one-eyed... is there?

Not a single person in China looks at this website anymore, according to my hit-counter.
Until a few months ago, I was getting as many hits in China as anywhere else in Asia, often more. Then suddenly - blackout. Not-a-one.
Could the Chinese government IP have been offended by the photographic humour in my webpage showing alternative Olympic sports ? Bureaucrats have always been humourless. More likely the cause lies with articles on Globalisation or What’s really going on in BURMA? Hey, I'm unrepentant.

Update Feb 16 2010: Things haven't improved. Nary a single hit in the entire far-east... can't be an accident. Here's an average recent screenshot from my hit-master's magical eye-in-the-sky: