21 March, 2007

STEVE IRWIN Breaking News!
from the FunkyPix2 newsroom

FunkyPix2 has discovered that when stingrays go to heaven, they get 70 Steve Irwins each. PER DAY. It’s obviously Mr Irwin's Eternal Punishment for being abusive to animals in the name of fame and profit.

Working undercover with a Marine Sting Operation, we have also discovered the motive behind the attack by the brave little stingray. It had wanted revenge for the time Steve converted his younger brother Peter into a Versace handbag.

Accomplices of the Ray family led us to this heavily disguised retail outlet located in a place which the adoring australian public would never have suspected – the Chiangmai Night Bazaar. It is not yet known what P.K.K. stands for. Members of the public with information may leave it in 'Comments' (below).

(The hand-printed sign at bottom left reads:

The FunkyPix Handbag Police’s Handwriting Identification Squad has positively identified the hand-writing as belonging to a surviving member of the Irwin family. A person of interest is being interviewed at Nakornping Police Station in Chiangmai. Vale to the young Mr Peter Ray and our condolences to the Stingray family.

Yesterday the Ray family was spotted celebrating the expected prosecution.

According to members of the family, Heaven is a tropical Paradise where fish who have been good can enjoy spending all day 'humaning'. A fish simply attaches a newly-minted $5 note to a hook, then casts it out of the water and up onto the beach to tempt passing humans.

A certain Mr Moe Hawke was spotted in Chiangmai recently for attempting to wrestle toy crocodiles in the Night Bazaar area. Tourists were throwing ping-pong balls into his mouth.

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