03 March, 2007

A mini Chiangmai Retrospective:
some photos for our visitors

Click the map to enlarge (this one doesn't open in a new window,
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(We briefly revert to the historical roots of FunkyPix2,
originally a photo-journal for our families).

Family & friends who have visited us here in the north of Thailand may recognise Chiangmai's (Xiengmai) outline in this old map (left). The square is the 700 year-old moat surrounding the old city, principally protecting its many Buddhist Wats. I've duplicated the map on the right, then used it to key in some landmarks which you may remember from your wanderings.

A typical section of the moat, and a 'Before/After' shot.

The diagonal road intersecting Changklan Road is no longer there, but many landmarks and ancient markets still are. The road where we live (Huay Geaw Road) is not marked, but there is clearly a lake in the area. Interestingly, 'Huay Geaw' translates as 'Glassy Creek'. If we had lived here 150 years ago, we may have had a waterfront (swampfront?) condo. The name of the nearby shopping mall, Kad Suan Geaw, means 'Glass Garden Market'.

Here are 2 recent shots of the condo getting a facial and repaint: these guys get 200 baht ($7.50 AU) a day.

(Check the Chinese safety boots!)

Some days are quite smoky, mainly due to burning of rice paddies
and the fact that Chiangmai sits in a valley.

Some typical views of Warrarot Market...

Thapae Rd

Changklan Rd - Chiangmai Night Bazaar

...and the gold of Doi Suthep:

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