31 March, 2007

The FunkyPix2007 Car Show:
Bangkok Motor Show, eat your heart out!

FunkyPix2 is ensuring an endless supply of cars for the future.
Petrol crisis? What petrol crisis?

FunkyPix2 presents the 2007 Fringe Motor Festival, a collection of wheelie good ideas of the last 12 months. Here's a tasty sample:

The still "Etto" - you should see it when it's moving.

This Ferrari V-12 electric limo comes with heated spa as standard.

Some all-terrain bikes developed by the CIA especially for the Tora-Bora Motocross.

The Bangkok Tuk-Tuk Mafia 'Stretch Special'

Batman and Robin travel incognito to do the shopping in their adapted Volkswagon.

Robin's little after-hours runaround.

Another converted Volkswagon. . .

. . . and more...

A luxury car in Zimbabwe. It's one of the few that can actually move.

This wheel-chair enabled cutie might have been inspired by this.

A sixer for the more conventional wanker.

This Spring season, the fashionable motorist will skate along in sporty shoes. This is the Toyota 'RunnerRound'. These are sold as "His/Hers" pairs in stylish matching colours, one Left-hand drive, and the other Right.

The prototype Nissan 'Titanic'...

...and the electric Nissan 'Pivo' whose entire cabin can rotate.

The powerful fan blows forwards to keep the driver cool.
As a consequence, this gas-guzzler gets 3 miles to the gallon.

FunkyPix2 always encourages kids to stay at school. There are free computer games on board this cool school bus, but the required tokens for the next day's games can only be collected at the end of each class.

Not a faked photo - for a change.

Made in Russia, and designed by a committee.
Someone forgot to budget for doors.
(If the Bangkok International Motor Show can have its "pretties"
and scantily-clad coyote girls, then FunkyPix2 can too)

Mein Benz!! The sentiments from this early postcard haven't changed much in 100 years, but the internal combustion engine certainly has a lot to answer for.

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