09 December, 2007

FunkyPix2 bids thee fond adieu until 2008

Ha ha ha ha! (sorry, it's no longer PC to say ho). Have a most deleriously happy un-drunk holiday season, FunkyPixers! We'll be back for more photographic abuse and propaganda early in January 08, returning to our normal eclectic range of weirdo topics rather than concentrating on the Austrayan Feral Election as we have recently. But u have to admit, the FunkyPix2 website obviously succeeded because Howard got the boot :-) big-time. Scroll down this page to see the most recent articles. Alternatively, click on one of the "Browse by Category" options in the right-hand sidebar

Meanwhile, here are some funky Xmas pix 4u2 ponder . . .

...................Too mainstream, too iconic, but appealing anyway.

.......... For more amazing [and even amazinger] vehicles, click here.

......... Goodbye till 2008, when FunkyPix2 will pass the 200-posts landmark!