22 September, 2006

FunkyPix2's Enduring Tribute to Steve Irwin

Thanks to Steve Derwin, many more recruits are learning that it's OK to use animals & children for Entertainment and Profit. Is the use of a powerless baby as a circus prop really much different from parading an abused child as a 'dolled-up' beauty queen? Arguably, might it be even worse? The baby would have even less say in the matter.

Is this Guantanamo, Koala-Torture Dept? Check out the alarm expressed by the body-language of the koalas - obviously caused by the mere presence of the croc. The koalas don't know that the croc has probably just been fed and/or tranquilised. Hey, is this really any different in principle from using attack dogs to intimidate prisoners at Abu Grahaib?


FunkyPix2 humbly suggests that Shane Warne don the khakis and apply for the vacant position instead of retiring. ASAP. !

...and here's Irwin's competitor in Beijing: he nose a trick or two. Not to be outdone, Steve was secretly practising the same stunt with swamp pythons... one in each nostril.

To round off our little tribute, watch this short flash animated cartoon by Nicholson of ‘The Australian’. It's quick to load, then afterwards simply click out and you'll come straight back to your beloved FunkyPix2.

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