10 September, 2006

*Grand Opening* of Funky Pix 2

ANNOUNCING the All-new, carb-free

Funky Pix 2 !!! (...hearty applause)

I know you've all been SO excited by the first volume of Funky Pix, but WOW! ZAP! ...volume 2 is going to absolutely THRILL your socks off! (see photo).

The difference here is that the newest items appear at the TOP when you first open the website, so it's mega-easy 4u to catch up with all our Adventures-in-Thai-Wonderland.

But wait !! There's MORE !! This time you get the opportunity to make comments. Make them nice, though... I cry easily.

More excitement COMING SOON to a small screen near YOU!
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Volume ONE is still available at this 6link:


This is a non-smoking website z


  1. Aw jeez, funkies, what a great blog. See you in Chiangmai.

  2. Jeez, that's all very well for YOU to toss off light-hearted stuff like that, Johnny, but you're not the one being hunted down like a common criminal. Jeez, I thought "Pre-emptive Defence" was the NORM these days. I was only following your example, prime minister... (sir).

  3. No matter where you hide, Osama bin Stingray, we'll hunt you down and bring you to justice. A.S.I.O. (Marine Dept) will punish those who deny Freedom and Democracy.

  4. Crikey, bloody typical - you humans colonise our ocean, exploit and humiliate us commercially and culturally, then you expect us to welcome you with open fins? NO! This is the beginning of the FISH CRUSADES. We will strike you wherever you live, no matter which land-mass you hide on.

  5. P.S. I forgot to mention... would you stop throwing your damned plastic bags overboard. They look like yummy squid, but taste lousy and give me bad gas.

  6. Gus Puffnstuff19 September, 2006

    well "pickle me grandmother" this funky pix 2wo is mucho betterest than the original. Loads of colour, snappy music and fun for the whole family. We can hardly contain our excitement at the promise of the soon to be with us 'scratch & sniff' pix - oh happy happy joy joy. A teensy warning to youse, we have our bags packed and am awaiting security clearance to board Thunderbird 3 and hit the dizzy heights of Chiangmai. Be still my beating heart.

  7. Gosh - there are real people out there? Reading OUR blog? Hell. Panic... Better sign up for some public liability insurance, methinx. Or, perchance, start-up FP2 Insurance Corp and claim premia as deductions?
    Yes, FP2 gives endless free fun to um, most people, and there's an instant refund if it doesn't.

  8. Mr Tuu Kahn02 October, 2006

    Why on earth would that silly little man suggest that you go and get Moran's brain ? Just lurve the pic of baby Erwin learning to swim. If you look real close you can catch a glimpse of Ron & Valerie Taylor lurking in the background..........or is it Skippy? Cheers Funksters.