21 September, 2006

Dubya Ducklips condemns Thai coup

Today on ABC-AsiaPacific cable TV, we listened to Australia's Howard (and his toad-faced side-kick Downer) contemptuously condemn the coup in Thailand. The disdainful look on their "I've-just-sucked-a-lemon" faces said it all. I felt a deep sense of outrage on behalf of our Thai friends and hosts. Hey, what right does Howard have to publically criticise the internal affairs of another sovereign country? Freedom of speech? No, not when it's likely to be offensive: just ask any Muslim. (Read Howard's comments here).

Not in our name, Johhny Dubya Ducklips. With respect (...sir), go and shit in your own nest.

To the Thais around us, Howard's euro-centric sound-bites certainly come over as the preaching of a self-righteous regional "deputy sherrif". Howard conveniently neglected to acknowledge that this coup has been quickly endorsed by Thailand's revered King... so shouldn't that be the end of the matter? To continue to bleat such propaganda-oriented criticism is utterly disrespectful to the Thai King: FunkyPix2 demands an apology from the Australian government. Get back to looking after your own blemish-free model democracy, Johnny B-Goad. Your unhelpful comments were obviously designed for home-consumption on the Channel 9 News.

"Democracy" is only a vague, imprecise ideal. It is also extremely culture-sensitive and is therefore inherently fragile. If Democracy is to become a country's chosen path, it must necessarily be adapted to the culture, history and circumstances of that country: one size cannot possibly fit all, as Bully-Bush and Henchman-Howard arrogantly choose to assume in their unconscious xenophobia. (See this article by Jonathan Steele (Guardian Unlimited) on the variable personalities of Democracy.)

Thailand has done the Right Thing in its present circumstances. The gutting and re-fitting of the Thai Constitution over the next year will result in a strengthening and growth in the character of Thailand, more so than many self-satisfied but stale western democracies. There's plenty of corruption at high levels in the west, too - it's just that they've had enough opportunity to learn how to conceal their tracks better: they've worked under their own rules and loopholes for a longer time: witness Oil-for-Food, Enron, Poseidon, Australian Wheat Board bribes, blah blah blah.....

Hey, wake up Australians. Dump Johnny Dubya Ducklips A.S.A.P: he's even more pernicious to your society than Thaksin was in Thailand. At least Thaksin was honestly dishonest. Honest John isn't: he merely camouflages it better by appealing to base-level greed and fear. Don't be suckers just because he looks like Everybody's Grandpa, wholesome as brown bread etc.

FunkyPix2 puts more faith in ex-Ambassadors, and especially sacked ones, than in current ones. Ex- or sacked ambassadors are more likely to Tell The Truth. For instance, check this:

Former British Ambassador to Thailand , Derek Tonkin, has expressed his support for the coup, suggesting the ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is to blame for fostering conditions that led to his ouster.
In a letter to London-based The Times newspaper, published on September 25, Tonkin said Thaksin's "wealth has become so immense and has been used so shamelessly to undermine political opponents and critics that his position has become virtually unassailable through the ballot box."
His letter, published on September 25, was in response to The Times' leading article on September 20 in which it stated Thaksin's record "does not justify an illegal attempt to force him from power".


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