22 September, 2006

A Thai farmer searches the skies for Thaksin's personal jet to re-appear

A patient (and poor) Thai farmer waits for her billionaire Liberator.

The significance of this photo probably escapes Australian politicians.

Godot never had it as good as Thaksin. We reckon that a few of Thailand's debt-ridden farmers might still be waiting for Thaksin's promised debt relief outside government house in Bangkok. As FunkyPix2 predicted, there will likely be growing resentment among farmers who are realising that they were led up the garden path by Thaksin's vacuous promises.

Having said that, I read an article today reporting one die-hard farmer as saying (with a toothy grin): "Come back, Mr Thaksin, we'll vote for you." Huh? Look. The Second Coming's not gunna happen. Thaksin has said so himself (although you can't trust him further than you could kick him). Thailand's King has already endorsed the leaders of the coup, who have undertaken to return the reins of power to a nominated civilian PM within 2 weeks. Nominations are happening as we go to press, and the King's approval of such a leader will certainly be sought. The opinion of the King is the ultimate guide and arbiter here... things are securely back on track in the Land-of-Smiles, even though the expected US and Australian 'Trial-by-Tabloid' accusations drone on.

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