11 September, 2008

Baan Sweet Baan: How to renovate an apartment in Chiangmai

One of the night views from our new Chiangmai apartment.
The light on the peak of the mountain is the Doi Suthep temple

Click here if you're interested in perving on the progress of our renovation job here in Chiangmai. To be updated from time to time...

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  1. George W. Bush14 September, 2008

    Ha thayer, Funkies
    Ferr a lahng tahm I've nodiced thayat yourr blahg ahfen cridicises mah guvment, so ah'm a-thinkin yourr apardmen might be the ahdeal spaht for me an Barbara to hide out once I get to quit this ahful presd't jahb ah'm still in. Ah wanna ahferr y'all $25 million cayash to vacade and naht tell anyone, y'hearr? Replah to mah fahnancial agent don.rumsfelt@thaksin.org.uk
    Thengya verra mush
    Yourr noo fren George

    (P.S. In Chiangmah, do y'all hayav a decent hayamburrger shahp close at hayand?)