28 April, 2010

The "Hua Hin Solution" to Chiangmai's pollution... regardless of Takki Shinegra's Redshirts

Queen Neptune Strikes Back - we join Snorkaholics Anonymous. 
Honest, it's the best way to avoid getting soaked over Songkran.

Back home at Chiangmai it was dramatically evident what we had to do. ESCAPE. THE. SMOKE. POLLUTION.  Promptly signed a 2-month contract (March/April) on an apartment on the beach at Hua Hin (south of Bangkok), and began to breathe normally.

*There were the snorkelling/canoeing trips to the islands of Koh Talu and Koh Tao, jostling for elbow room with 3 trillion fish and wall-to-wall tourists.
*There was the ill-fated but not too-embarrassing attempt to learn Kite-Boarding (think: "flop").
*There were mysterious (but undoubtedly tasty) menu items like "Spicy Soured Cattle's Cleaning Cloth with Parch Rice" and other gems to tempt your jaded palate.
*There were pointy-hatted gnomes on the white sand beaches attempting to catch up to speeding tanned Vikings brandishing ski-poles.
*There was a Successful Pre-Emptive Retail Strike deep into the heartland of enemy Redshirt Territory in Bunker-kok [FX threatening music]...
...and the Glorious Adventures kept coming.

All this - and more - can be yours merely by clicking here
Go on, you know you want to:  it'll come up in a new window for your convenience ...and it's guaranteed 100% carb-free.

Jane Bond Does Huahin

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