10 December, 2008

"The Australian" runs a blatantly racist headline

Housam El-Afchal and wife Alison on ATM blast charge

Is this headline RACIST? ...or is it just plain RACIST?

When would you ever expect to see a headline like THIS:

Henry E. Williams and wife Alison on ATM blast charge

Why not simply write "Couple charged with ATM blast"? As far as I can tell from search engines, "The Australian" is the only newspaper which chose to include these persons' names in their headline.

Read the "Australian" article here (opens in a new window).

I'm annoyed. Journalism like this either represents deliberate complicity with the government's anti-Muslim fear campaigns, or sheer naivety. The media should be actively disengaging themselves from such racist subtexts. Australia's minority groups deserve better.

All the more reason for you to sign this petition from getup.org.au

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  1. You would probably see that headline if Henry E. Williams and his wife did do it!!!!!!!!!!!