24 November, 2007

PM Rudd thumps Citizen Howard:
THANK YOU, FunkyPixers!

Woo HOO!!! ..You, me and FunkyPix2 are celebrating tonight
[add Sound FX of cork popping, cheering, etc].

Tonight in Thailand it's the night of the "Loi Krathong" festival with fireworks, candle-boats floating down rivers, etc, but secretly it's all about the glorious dumping of Johnny Dubya Ducklips Howard. Yee-HAAAAAA.... well done, Funkies. Your dedication was worth it.
Oi oi oi, my face hurts from grinning :-) We first heard the news while traveling to the festivities in a taxi-truck. The Thai driver was most alarmed at all the weird foreigners screaming. (Why not join our fun in Chiangmai - watch the Grand Street Parade and thousands of
hot air balloons on Youtube.)

Taking the country to war without good cause = war crime, failing to prevent the planet from overheating, racial discrimination, official corruption ...the list goes on.
Those Australians who only ever read the Townsville Bulletin or West Warnambool Warbler may be enlightened by this article in the Guardian Unlimited. It demonstrates how the rest of the world has long looked down their noses in distaste at Howard. Here are some pertinent extracts:

By throwing out their conservative prime minister, John Howard, in Saturday's election they may have dramatically tipped their nation away from the insularity, fear and materialism that he had encouraged.

[Howard had] appealed to the meaner side of the national character which was not generous: an Australia that defied the world on climate change, and sought refuge from its own history on race and the rights of its indigenous people.

At its worst the Howard government represented a distasteful reaction to modernity, and its repeated exploitation of this to achieve electoral success offered an unhealthy example to the political right around the world. That is why Mr Howard's defeat has a significance that runs beyond Australia. The politics of progress beat the politics of retreat.

Mr Rudd [is] a leader for the future, perhaps, but one who will not challenge much about the past […] Change, when it comes, will be gradual - a cleansing of values rather than a revolution in policy.

...... Don't imagine for a moment that Mr Rudd might consider abolishing the GST.

So Police Constable FunkyPix2 will remain faithfully on the beat. As we predicted, Malcolm Turnbull wants to become Liberal leader, and has stated that he doesn't mind who becomes deputy. FunkyPix2 suggests that the following candidate apply for the job:

........................Malcolm Turnbull's best electoral asset.
May he become Deputy Leader of the Opposition in 2008.

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