01 November, 2007

John Howard, Bennelong, Climate Change, Kyoto, and the price of eggs

The Australian public is waking up to John Ducklips Howard. Tossing him out of office would be justified on the Climate Change issue alone. Hey, Australians don’t live in an “Economy”, we live in a country, and breathe the same air as other countries. Look, MISTER Howard, we breathe and we vote. In the interests of continuing to be able to breathe, FunkyPix2 is publishing a short photo-essay about Climate Change/Global Warming.

The Australian Federal Election, normally relatively unimportant on the world stage, is this time going to be vital to the direction of the world on the issue of Climate Change. Bush must be slapped, and slapped hard to shame him. What better way than for his rogue pariah lapdog (yes, Australia) to turn on him? Hopefully, 2008 may be a turning point if Australia ratifies Kyoto.

Recognising that History is the sum of individual actions, you can also personally put pressure on the US Congress by signing this Online PETITION. Changing America's stance is the only possible way to force Howard's hand. And remember that Rudd is not yet PM.
The petition opens in a new window for your convenience, so you can close it when you've signed and be right back on this page).
If Global WARMING is Dr. Jekyll, Global DIMMING is Mr Hyde. Global Dimming is like the kind old nurse who is later revealed to be a serial murderer. She quietly feeds her 'patients' palliative medecines so that they won't suffer pain from their disease... However, they're not so grateful later when they discover the palliatives have merely been disguising their illnesses, thus speeding their demise.

Global Dimming, likewise, disguises the planetary disease of Global Warming. It means that Global Warming is actually worse than scientists calculated:

Didn't know about Global Dimming? Read here or here, or (best of all) watch this disturbing BBC documentary on Youtube.

Be very afraid, John Ducklips Howard ...if you care at all:

...........Because we care about our children's future. Simple.

So here are more of my funky pix 4u2c… help spread 'em round the internet to punish Howard’s anally-retentive power-hungry addiction:
(right-click the photo and select "Save Picture As...")

…but fear not, FunkyPix2’s famous Online Catalogue can supply suitable footwear if you need some in a hurry:

Here in Thailand, for instance, Wat Jampalor (at Anthong) is already regularly awash at high tide. Also see this scary/amazing interactive NASA flood-map for the Bangkok region.

Capitalism , and its latest mutant robot (the Globalisation Monster), are mostly deaf to long-term issues like Climate Change. Their selfish strategies are limited to short-term goals: this year’s inflation figures, this quarter’s profit/loss statement, and never beyond the close horizon of the next election.

......... (Get more funky pix about APEC in Fortress Sydney here.)

This photo of a solar flare from the sun serves as a reminder that we’re very small players in the game of survival. The next cartoon shows some even smaller players:

FunkyPix2 has published other articles on Global Warming:

* Do you live in Sydney? Will your street flood when sea levels rise? Check
here with this NASA-Google satellite map.

* Dinosaur Howard fears job figures more than extinction of the human species.

* ...or conjure up ALL my posts about ENVIRONMENT here. Most are directly relevant to Australian issues.

Cartoon time for grown-ups! Laugh at John Howard's dismal week in these four flash animations by Peter Nicholson of The Australian newspaper. First comes Howard's oh-so-convenient eleventh hour conversion on the Road to Damascus, then you'll be astonished at what Howard finds under his bed in the morning ...and what does the Dalai Lama have to say to both Rudd and Howard?
Finally, Paul Keating is again the un-biased race-caller for the adrenalin-pumping pre-election
Melbourne Cup. Who will win most efficiently?

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