03 September, 2007

APEC, Camels, and other assorted Bullsh*t

Now that Equine flu has laid low Australian police horses, FunkyPix2 suggests quickly training camels imported from Afghanistan. They are accustomed to dealing with terrorists, sudden very loud noises, panicking crowds etc, so would be ideal for Fortress Australia during APEC. But they will need to be accorded the same privileges as Australian citizens, so probably wouldn't get their visas processed in time...

....... Members of FunkyPix2 join the protest:

APEC NEWS SCOOP !!! Here's a short naughty video of some members of FunkyPix2 giving Bush a collective browneye at APEC. This video, unsurprisingly, never made it to Australian television news.
(The Liveleak video is hosted, so should load quickly and begin automatically).

FunkyPix2 agents disguised as APEC workers erect anti-camel barricades.

....... An Australian citizen gets aboard a special APEC one-way bus.

Poor people waiting to hear (yet again) how Rich people are getting richer. Better to MAKE AFLUENCE HISTORY and have systems in place to ensure greater equality of opportunity. The irony is that the same thing applies within Australia itself... the number of struggling people is growing, despite the soothing cooing coming from the government. It's finally beginning to dawn on Australians that the Howard regime mainly supports wealthy elites, and the polls say they don't like it. At last! FunkyPix2 must have had an effect after all. Yee-hah!
The APEC talkfest. The Tower of Babble. Whatever.

APEC is nothing more than a pile of horse sh*t in which the rich nations get together to work out how to maintain (or preferably increase) their advantage over the poor nations. And then to deny that very thing to the media. Rich folks aren't malicious evil people - it's just that they/we are so accustomed to the duplicitous way the capitalist regime operates that they/we aren't able to imagine any alternative. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, for one, is trying to re-open idealistic doors (admittedly in a rather ham-fisted way), but is getting serious opposition from rich people and the CIA. Chavez has already been made an honorary member of FunkyPix2.

If, like Chavez, the world's rich people began truly supporting poorer people by sharing the planet's resources less greedily, they might just discover that they were actually creating new and willing customers with more money to spend* ...more than the wretched one-dollar-a-day currently earned by millions. How hard can it be to understand that poor people don't want to stay .poor?
*By saying this I'm still apparently buying into the assumption that Happiness revolves around money. But let that one go through to the Keeper for the moment - we need to keep talking in terms that richer people understand.

Brand new water-cannon trucks purchased (specifically for APEC) with OUR tax money.

Friendly smiling snipers around Sydney made everyone feel so relaxed.

.................The Queen visited Sydney to support the cops.

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