15 September, 2007

Another ANTI-BUSH photo gallery.
These apply to JOHN HOWARD as well

Avid devotees of FunkyPix2 may have noticed an uncharacteristic lack of anti-Bush rantings from me lately. Instead, I've been concentrating on the forthcoming Australian election because it's clear that Bush is self-destructing anyway.

But I've caved in and decided to help Bush unravel just a bit faster with this latest set of deadly Photo-Tipped Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Feel free to nick any and fire them around the internet. They're little anti-Republican bullshit-seeking Side-winders... but it's up to each of us to launch them. (To copy a photo, left-click it and select 'Save Picture As...')

Also, why not sign this 'out-of-Iraq-now' petition
(by avaaz.org). It will open in a new window so when you're finished, you can click out and be right back here in FunkyPix2.

If you want heaps more of my anti-Bush galleries, click here

Australia's John Dubya Ducklips Howard, another Far Right Religious Fanatic, is standing behind America's King George II. VERY close behind. They're just good friends with a bunch of rockets in their pockets. Check out Howard's funky pix here.

Maybe you think this photo of the bored soldiers playing with cars is staged. Maybe it is. But have a look at this video showing how a bunch of bored marines stationed in Iraq get their after-hours jollies by skying a Humvee at taxpayer expense. You won't believe this showoff schoolboy mentality... or the sheer waste.

George W. Idiot has only one faithful poodle left - little
Johnny Dubya Ducklips Howard from Nukular Austraya. This flash-animated cartoon candidly reveals Howard's true position on Iraq.

This short video from Liveleak shows how a $400,000 bomb-defusing robot in Iraq can be made to magically... disappear with the aid of a cheap locally-made IED.

…and the right wing bullying bigotry exhibited by interviewer Hannity on this Fox TV “interview” gives a clue to why Tony Snow was snapped up by Bush as a White House spokesman. Anyone who swallows Hannity’s parroted propaganda is probably already a suicide voter for Bush or Howard.

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