30 July, 2007

ARMS SALES: Bush’s Final Betrayal:
I’m doomed, but hey, I’m a-gunna take a lotta dang Arabs down with me”

Sometimes the biggest News stories barely make it to air because there’s no dramatic footage to watch. International Arms Deals, for instance, never cut the mustard with TV ratings because they’re too remote from people’s everyday lives. Besides, the numbers are incomprehensibly huge.
"Ho-hum. Fifty Billion dollars, eh? Sure, dude [yawn]...
BUT HEY, me friggin' mortgage has gone up by $50 per month… how will I ever afford me beer AND petrol?”

1. This week, Bush announced his intention to sell TWENTY BILLION $$ of weapons to Saudi Arabi and other US-sympathetic Gulf nations (over a 10 year period]. They’re the allies Bush doesn’t particularly like because they're Muslim, but NEEDS to suck up to because dey got da good Oil, man. Bush can purchase their friendship – at least for the moment.
2. At the same time, he has promised to give [repeat: give] THIRTY BILLION $$ in military aid to Israel over the same period. They’re the allies Bush likes because they’re Jewish and therefore sworn enemies of Arabs. Bush gives free gifts to his real friends.

Bush runs with the foxes and hunts with the hounds. After buying Saudi Arabian co-operation, he'll zip over to Jerusalem and joins Jews praying at the Whispering Wall.
Hey, wait a sec - the guy’s supposed to be a CHRISTIAN, ain’t he?
But there is some opposition in the US Congress, as reported in the Jewish Ha'aretz website, about arming Sunnis in Saudi Arabia.

So Bush’s final and greatest act of betrayal to our planet is to arm BOTH sides to the teeth, while making sure he gives much more to the guys he likes best. This is the logical and considered act of someone who doesn’t want the Middle East conflict to end. It can only be the act of a person who thinks America stands to benefit by prolonging the conflict. Read Arming Israel to the Teeth, from GulfNews UAE (United Arab Republic).

Who benefits most from Jews and Arabs slugging at each other forever? The Christian Right in the USA, that's who. PLUS, in a single stroke, American Arms Sales soar even past previous record highs. And who owns the vast majority of the American weapons industry? Answer: the Christian right-wing of Bush’s own Republican Party. Bingo! .I wonder if their dark-skinned propaganda mascot Jesus would have agreed to all this violence:

Selling weapons to BOTH sides in conflicts is the perfect commercial coup for American armaments companies like Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Bell Textron etc. They’re laughing all the way to the banks – the ones they already control. After all, if you assisted only ONE side in the conflict, the war might actually end sooner than you want. How unfortunate for your share portfolio, Dick.

.............................. The West’s Wicked Witch

So when you hear talk of American “peace missions” to the Middle East, Iraq, Lebanon or Syria, remember these “gifts”. Think of Condosleazy Rice as a charmingly poisoned chalice whenever she utters the word “Peace” or "Freedom". Be suspicious – very suspicious. How can a woman who can't even control her own cowlick ever hope to bring peace to the Middle East? Rice, Bush, and Tony “Peace Envoy” Blair, are trying to quell a fire by dousing it with petrol.

..................... Listening and hearing are two different things.

Is it any wonder that Vladmir Putin, Ahmadinejad, and others are reacting nervously to the bullying by the 600-lb US gorilla? FunkyPix2 blames the emergence of the New Cold War very largely on the US, its provocative EU Missile ‘Defence’ Shield, and its continued arming of Israel. I can do no better than to quote Putin’s words:

“We do not have the right to forget the causes of any war, which must be sought in the mistakes and errors of peacetime. Moreover, in our time, these threats are not diminishing. They are only transforming, changing their appearance. In these new threats, as during the time of the Third Rich, are the same contempt for human life and the same claims of exceptionality and diktat in the world."
............... Alter that to “New World Odour” (American: Odor)

Here's another interesting commentary from GulfNews. The author is suspicious of the USA's recent burst of apparent generosity towards Arab states. She suggests the weapons 'bonanza', revival of elements of the Roadmap, and [gentle] raps on Israel's knuckles about expansion of settlements, are little more than a bribe to form a Sunni buffer against Iran.

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