25 December, 2006

3 + 1 = 2 ...Adding MORE creates LESS. Bush’s arithmetic on the Iraq withdrawal simply doesn’t add up

George W is stuck between Iraq and a hard place. George’s ingenious solution to reducing the number of troops in Iraq is to send in more troops. Smart lad, this George jerk of yours. Surely in the wake of his November 2006 election massacre, deciding to send more troops must constitute an impeachable act?? If not, both your Law and the Constitution look like asses, not to mention Democracy itself. That’s how the rest of the world will interpret it... yes/no?

I mean, jeepers Marvin, how can the majority of americans vote against him yet be unable to prevent him sending more troops??? USA -style democracy is beginning to look like a p.c. way of electing a dictator.

I thought leaders of democratic countries were expected to bow to the will of the electorate. George is doing the exact opposite – therefore by definition he’s being un-democratic. He’s being a republican – of course! …oh how silly of me ho ho hum. A classic” neo-con man”.

I think most people, even americans, would surely consider the deliberate lies about WMD to be a LOT worse than lying about how you abused a cigar.

George W. Bush has a fireside chat with a potential Coalition ally, Jesus W. Christ

But we are also all aware that Bush is sheltered by enormous global corporate interests. That doesn’t make stupidity, bias, greed, or war crimes excusable, though. It's time to declare victory and pull out, but it's clear that he won't. He'll leave that to the next administration.

My earlier post on the issue of quitting Iraq is still valid. And after that, if you can bring yourself to look at even more of the real Iraq in the weeks after the 2003 invasion, have a look at the ghastly Shock and Awe Gallery of photos and accompanying ridiculous quotations of american politicians’ spin, gloss and sheer b*llsh*t.

But wait, there's more... Don't click here if you are at all squeamish about shocking casualty photos. Although this is clearly a website biased against Israel, it does graphically show the awful atrocities which Iraquis and Palestinians face every day of their lives. This is UN-censored reality, unlike the bloodless 'cleansed' version we get to see on CNN.

Another more recent coalition lie is the refrain that Iraq must be prevented from slipping into civil war. Folks, it’s been in civil war for the best part of 2 years already. The continued american presence is now largely an irrelevance, at best a minor irritation to the real combatants. If anything, it assists the 'insurgency' by continuing to destabalise the society. Really, it's the Coalition who are the 'insurgents'... intruders in someone else's country. (Likewise, FunkyPix2 hereby re-names the Vietnam War as the American War.)

So - here’s a summary of all Bush has ever said about Iraq:

If you’re Australian, you can help by voting Green as a symbolic protest… neither of the 2 big parties will seriously oppose Bush.

...and/or link FunkyPix2 to your own website. But WHATEVER you do, don’t be like this apathetic (and therefore selfish) citizen â

This slob couldn’t give a tinker’s toss whether more than 100,000 people in Iraq were murdered. He just cares about dozing as much as possible till next pension day. Just tell me it’s not you, because otherwise you'd be supporting this:

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