26 December, 2006

McDonalds R-Gym is a monumental lie worthy of George W.

Ronald McDonald now informs you that you can burn off the calories you eat by using his new in-store gymnasium.

Customers can pedal while eating ‘French Fries’ and watching video-game screens. It’s even healthier than before, he claims:

However, the Director of Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University inconveniently points out that “…the number of calories a child is likely to burn in one of those gyms is quite small compared to what they can eat, even in a small meal”. It would take a child, for example, more than 3 hours of exercise to burn off a 200-calorie milkshake.

The morning after: This Ohio teenager (see bicycle photo above) believed he could buy another burger after 5 minutes on the bike.

These gyms will have an adverse effect on obesity as they could lull people into believing they could eat more since they’re exercising. The amazing thing is that McDonalds’ profitability keeps improving,… Capitalism’s healthy even if its True Believers ain’t. We radical PC left-wingers, on the other hand, doggedly keep eating wheatgrass-on-rye at Marx & Spencers Café (no GMO salt thanks).
Er, I lied - here in Thailand it's literally Food Heaven. But it's largely fresh and healthy if you steer clear of the deep-fried stuff or excess coconut-milk.

Comfort-food arrives in Iraq in order to make the boys feel at home ...and to make a little extra money in kickbacks.

More victims.....

...and the perpetrator:

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