22 July, 2007

China VS. America Trade Wars:
“If ya can’t out-trade ‘em, discredit ‘em!”

Are we witnessing a Chinese bear market
...or is it all just a lot of Bu--sh--?

FunkyPix2 has previously blogged (blug? blag?) about the unfairness and social pitfalls of Globalisation as a re-packaged form of Colonialism and associated xenophobic exploitation (read here and here). Now the West is also beginning to re-think and back-pedal on Globalisation - yeehah!! - but alas, for all the wrong reasons.

Now that China’s economy is booming, the West is realizing that Globalisation is working too well. Globalisation is more than achieving what it promised. Outsourcing corporate capital to “Developing” countries has turbo-charged those countries to the point where their competitiveness is being assessed as “too strong”. That’s code for
“They’re beating us at our own game – we can’t have that! We ain't willing to share profits to THAT extent!"

Cynics [eg, moi] are pointing out the 'convenient' timing of the USA’s recent accusations of poor quality of goods exported from China. If ya cain’t beat ‘em, dump on ‘em. Chinese authorities have predictably reacted to protect China's reputation. No doubt there's some fire where there's smoke, but I notice that no-one seems to be recalling or emphasizing the USA's own long and shabby track record of poor quality goods. Ralph Nader must have been silenced for keeps by the Big Money.

China’s walking a thin line between Progress and Modernity

The philosophical platform of the USA has so many holes in it that it’s astonishing anyone can still stand on it. Inconsistencies about democracy and trade abound. If the USA is so serious about Democracy, why isn't it acting more decisively on Burma?

For decades, China has executed more people than all other countries in the world put together. So why is there suddenly so much western media focus on the ONE public servant executed recently over food quality issues? Because it suits the USA’s trade agenda at the moment.

Progress has never been so popular since it went out of fashion with the Enlightenment. Here in Chongquing, China, a local resident refused to sell his property to a developer. Money sometimes speaks louder than Law.

Mixed signals sometimes come from China, but that’s better than
consistent lies from a no-longer-credible USA.

China is making a song and dance about protecting its reputation
in the face of a concerted smear campaign by the West.

Anyway, who is best qualified to judge food quality? This maggot factory in Shandong produces 30 tons of maggots a month – and not a peep of criticism out of the Yanks. Any volunteers from Republicans or Monarchists to review my forthcoming book “Delicious Corgi Recipes”?

China has some dicey credibility bridges to cross in the lead up to the Olympics. Besides food quality, there’s Pollution. But the Chinese are correct when they point out that China’s high carbon footprint is partly the result of western globalized corporations out-sourcing their own production to Chinese factories.

(And never forget that the country which has the highest carbon footprint per capita of any country in the world – including China – is none other than Australia.)

China is a remarkable country with stubborn resilience and a growing skill base, like this tea-pouring entertainer. In the 1950s, if you mentioned the term “Japanese car”, everyone would burst out laughing. “They’d never do it, ha ha ha ha!”
Ha. Keep your eye on China. And India.

China State Ballet’s interpretation of the Trade Index Tango?

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