25 July, 2007

Jack Kevorkian nominated as a candidate for the next pope

..........[a].....Jack Kevorkian
..........[b].....The pope

Odd, isn't it?

= Kevorkian sought to minimise end-of-life suffering in terminally-ill and willing people, and spent 8 years jail as a result.

= Pope Hilarious I continues to be responsible for thousands of women's painful deaths through illegal backyard abortions, and gets hero-worshipped as a result.

.............................. Oh, how the Right went wrong.

The pope's EFFECTIVE agent in Australia is the Howard Government's Health Minister Tony Abbott.
The pope's NOMINAL representative, Archprick
George Pell, has no legislative power - and has recently painted himself into awkward legal corners by his stubborn Catholic Extremism. For we left-wing atheist ploggers (political bloggers), Cardinal George W. Pell represents the blogger's ideal whoopee-cushion target to put the Fun back into Fundamentalism.

Unbelievably, Tony Abbott would prefer to force Australian parents to give birth to unwanted children rather than give mothers a choice. Terminating a tiny insensate foetus will cause much less long-term pain than irresponsibly bringing an unwanted child into a lifetime of neglect and other abuses. Surely, NOT to do so might result in god getting all wrathful??

Would Jeshua (Jesus' real name) have taken the more compassionate decision on abortion? Of course. But committed christians will, as usual, automatically go in to bat for whatever their infallible pope star says. Herd instinct suffocates individual thought. But consider this:


Not only is the church losing the ratings game, it is actually speeding-in-reverse. Benedict's stupid revival of the Latin Mass will obviously become the main textbook for Church Suicide 101 in the 21st century although he's tinkered with the doctrine in small ways such as finally abolishing Limbo.

I found god on the side of this crocodile. Click here to see a fun gallery of other unusual places where Cheesus has been spotted lately. And more importantly, Elvis.

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