12 October, 2006

The LATIN MASS is back. Somebody goofed. Amen.

Specimen of a has-bean pope.

Someone should let these protesters know that the previous pope officially abolished Christian Hell. Apparently Hell never existed. There – another lie exposed. With any luck, though, Islamic Hell is still functioning and available to all deserving christians. They could re-name it "Abu Grahaib2", perhaps.

So! The pope Benedict XVI is going to resurrect the Latin Tridentine Mass, eh? Quod Est Demonstratum et Caveat Emptor kuhn yàak durm arai dii mái (fooled you, huh – the last bit’s in Thai).

Hmm, all this conservative-regressive winding-back-the-clock is consistent with the pope’s recent deliberate efforts to re-start the Crusades. All he needs to do now is to endorse Jack Straw’s racist anti-veil comments, and the Vatican might get a free fireworks display - perhaps like the recent US ammunition dump in Baghdad.

FunkyPix2 wonders if Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (who was excommunicated for using Latin after it was banned) will ever be “re-communicated”. I doubt it – too much loss of face – even though in 1570, Pope St Pius V ruled that priests could use the Tridentine rite forever, “without scruple of conscience or fear of penalty” [God’s italics].

So... who was it who bungled?????

.....(a) God?
pope Pius? or...
.....(c) pope Benedict?

Send your answer to FunkyPix2. The first correct answer drawn out of the cardinal's funny hat will win an exciting Latin-Thai dictionary, compliments of the Vatican souvenir kiosk.

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