19 October, 2006

GEORGE PELL & friends. Mad King George II, and in the other corner, Kim Jong II

(Sorry, just had to do up this pic - resistance was floortile :-) ...and if you'd like a scary-funny insight into some of Kim Sung II's eccentricities, read this article in The Gazette. Everyone already knows King George II's eccentricities... and they're all plain scary.

Meanwhile, here's George Pe II for the family album:

Gee whiz, he'd never get through Passport Control in Heathrow while wearing blatant religious symbols and strange headgear like THAT. Far too affronting... a definite "mark of separation", and therefore clearly SUBVERSIVE, wouldn't you say, Mr Straw? FunkyPix2 insists that George Pell be removed from his job immediately.

{ begin scary music } ...preferably a threateningly extended sub-bass note...

FP2's investigations reveal that George Pell is undoubtably a senior catholic operative, implicated in the indoctrination of young recruits in religious schools around Sydney.

{ end scary music }

His catholic church claims to be a 'Champion of the Poor'. I'd remind Sgt Pell that some of their poverty might indeed be attributable to his beloved policy on birth control. The catholic church has, in fact, been openly and unrepentantly infiltrating and colonising many poor countries in Asia, Africa and South America. These are very places where, co-incidentally, birth rates are exploding out of control.

No - what matters more is not the problems of people in distant countries, but rather the prospects of a better job (and an even funnier hat) for George himself. Sgt Pell daydreams of one day being promoted to the rank of... POPE. Then he'll be in a stronger position to introduce his Flat Earth Doctrine AND convince Bush that it's finally time to re-conquer Constantinople.

(Hell help us if the Pell becomes Pope).

Meanwhile, he just has to go on being party to that Conga-line of Corporate Suck-holes by parroting what he hears said by other extremist right-wing factions - like the British, American and Australian governments.

(Dear oh dear - my Netiquette isn't up to my usual stellar standard today :-)

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