27 October, 2006

catholic church declares
“Open Season on children”

(I realise this isn't a Catholic sign - but it suits my purpose - and
who says other churches are spotless on the paedophilia issue?)

Yet again, the catholic church has effectively given the nod to sexual assualt against children. To shelter paedophile priests is nothing less than being an ‘Accessory to the Crime’.

The church’s shroud of sacred secrecy and protection of sexual proclivity among its frocked ones has now been normal practice for centuries. Apparently, it is officially more important to protect institutions than children.

The Vatican’s highly secret document Crimen Sollicitationis, updated recently by no less than Cardinal Ratzinger before he became pope, required clergy not only to be silent about paedophile priests, but also now to refer all complaints directly to Rome. This ‘Crimen’ document is so ‘top secret’ that various popes have decreed that it must be held in parish safes "under lock and key". However, FunkyPix2’s official Papal Inquisition Sniffer Squad (PISS) has obtained a copy of it translated from Latin – read it for yourself here.

Now that child-sex is officially OK, School teachers and youth leaders can legitimately join the candy-hunt for under-size sex victims – with Rome turning a tolerant blind eye. Tally-HO, Junior!

The person who signed off on this moral train-wreck is none other than POPE BENEDICT. Yes, the one elected after a puff of ambiguous grey smoke. He hasn’t softened his Holy Rottweiler tactics in decades, and he ain’t about to change anytime soon. He forgives a priest who screws children, then even offers him a new parish as good as his last one.

Celibacy is a disastrous artificial restriction to impose on any red-blooded human – an obvious and blunt denial of the existence of hormones… a complete ‘no-brainer’. Until several hundred years ago there was no problem about Celibacy in the priesthood - they neatly side-stepped it by taking mistresses. "Illegitimate" children were deemed not to matter because they couldn't inherit property - the church thereby automatically inherited it. Rome looked away from unholy dalliances – in fact, several popes had illegitimate children too. Read some amazing facts here, from the pen of a refreshingly frank cleric. Hey, the real world is never what you thought it was. Wait till you get to the bit about abortions in nunneries.

However, once even mistresses became a no-no, I suggest that the church’s deliberate solution to the intensified problem of Celibacy was to clandestinely condone child-sex as a convenient 'steam-valve' for horny priests. This has already been the norm for several centuries, hence is so well-entrenched. After all, children, unlike adults, are relatively easy to subdue both during and after the molestation. Children (and intellectually-challenged adults) are relatively inarticulate inexperienced people, as yet un-worldly and powerless, less able to retaliate. Low-hanging fruit. It’s not so different from the recent case of Australian soldiers torturing kittens to death in Townsville - a despicable betrayal by the very people in whom we should be able to feel most trust.

May legal prosecution of the Vatican proceed ASAP, in particular respect to the fugitive priests it is physically sheltering within its semen-stained walls. As the Vatican is a State unto itself with its own laws, it can shelter anyone, including confirmed paedophiles. The crime of condoning paedophilia should be sufficient to collapse the entire edifice of ever-compounding lies which now comprises the catholic church. Surely there are moral limits to diplomatic immunity. "Thou. Shalt. Not. Lie".

I add my name to the escalating hordes of complainants: I too have been a victim of sexual abuse (not by a priest, but nevertheless, I'm a victim whose life has been left in psychological tatters). If the legal paper trail leads right to the pretentious pinnacle of St Peter’s, then So. Be. It. Company CEOs get dismissed if they betray share-holders or conceal criminal actions by employees. Why should it be any different for popes? However, forget the usual Golden Handshake: God in Her wisdom can lock away a secret document of instructions at the Pearly Gates…perhaps titled Crimen Selloutationis?

Click to view a timeline of the development of Celibacy in the catholic church… and some shocking facts about the church’s hypocrisy.

Did you know?? ...that until 1916 the catholic church required that a woman who was facing her husband who was wearing a condom "must resist him as if he were a rapist".

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