15 October, 2006

Citizens stick it to the Howard government over the Siev X memorial

Hopefully, the Siev X could help to sink Howard yet.

NEWS ITEM: Tomorrow afternoon in Canberra, hundreds of people are expected to turn out on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin for an exhibition to mark the fifth anniversary of the sinking of the SIEV-X, during which 353 asylum seekers drowned. The ceremony will go ahead despite the fact that the organisers don't have official permission to hold it. Organisers claim their original plans for a memorial were thwarted at the last minute.

FP2's COMMENT: Yes, the plans were thwarted because orders came from the highest levels in Canberra to enforce an obscure Australian law which prohibits a permanent memorial to anything until ten years after the event.

However, FunkyPix2 has noticed that this conveniently exhumed law hasn’t prevented Johnny Dubya Ducklips from endorsing a vote-winning memorial to Steve Irwin, or to the victims of the Bali bombing. QED. Selective suppression of free speech of this magnitude doesn't even happen in post-coup Thailand with its allegedly 'undemocratic military dictatorship'.

...which, incidentally, isn't the case - see FP2's article from September 21, "Dubya Ducklips condemns Thai Coup"; click on September 2006 in Archives >>

C'mon Aussie, c'mon.... flame up your torches and DO something about your own untidy backyard!

Howard relies on people's apathy. However, that means YOU can ultimately be held partly responsible for the drowning of the 353 people on board the Siev X because YOU voted Dubya Ducklips back into power. But YOU can fix that... YOU can vote against him next time.

... but I would avoid voting for any clone of the 'Liberal' Party - like Labor. Get yourselves a real Opposition for a change... take courage. History is the sum of individual actions. For instance, the people of Latin-America are not tolerating crap from politicians any more.

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