26 October, 2006

Like the pope, Sheik al Hilali shoots himself in the foot

It's the old "It's Eve's fault" myth yet again... when will it ever go away? The unfortunate sexist implications of Sheik al Hilali’s disdainful comments about women and meat are obvious enough, but there is a curious corollary to them. The flip-side is that if men simply cannot control themselves at the sight of an un-veiled woman – even to the point of excusing her rape - then surely that positions men at the same level as animals.

A dog, for instance, cannot control its responses when it senses a bitch on heat: it does not possess sufficient power of reason, the benefit of broad ethical education, nor sense of ‘society’ to consider the merits of more civil behaviour. I would be less than impressed if the good Sheik considered all men as the equivalent of dogs, but FP2 cannot logically draw any other conclusion from his words. And I note that the Sheik, too, is a man himself.

While talking of corollaries, why not solve the problem by forcing all men to wear an iron girdle to impede the offending poky bit. The female mufti could then decree specific times when the girdle could be removed - for married men only, of course.

Gosh, how silly of me J I do note that Sheik al Hilali has apologized, though – which is much more than the pope will ever muster. Neither will ever resign.
I wonder whether the Sheik might be able to resist this outfit in one of my earlier posts.
See also my post about the evils of men wearing
ties in public.
I readily acknowledge the inappropriateness of a cartoon depicting a Muslim with a pet dog, but it was just too neat to resist for the purposes of this post. I apologise but won't resign. Also, fair's fair... inappropriateness is a two-way street... but to assume a democratic environment and a level social playing-field merely reveals cultural bias and ignorance of history. Jesus, it's hard to be PC... oops, oh my god I blundered again. Thank christ there's an option for your comments right below here êêêêêê I need a coffee.

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