23 October, 2006

It’s Iraq, stupid…

Bush + Blair = Blush. I blush at the mess we’ve created in Iraq. Big Lie #2 is getting frequent airplay now that the mid-term US elections are looming. It bleats repeatedly: “We must stay in Iraq otherwise it will collapse into chaos”.

Our Great Leaders (Dear Leaders) tell us that only Western values, enforced by the barrel of a gun, can save the hapless Muslim from his own worst enemy – himself.

On the 'stay/leave' issue, I can do no better than to urge you to read this article by Simon Jenkins, and to this video video by Sean Smith (both of the Guardian Unlimited). The former addresses Big Lie #2. The latter destroys the lingering media-myth that Iraquis are seriously preparing to take control of their own country. It brutally exposes the careless attitudes of both Coalition and Iraqi troops, and shows damning footage of their paralysing loss of morale.

...and a new angle on american tactics - cute metaphors:

...and to conclude:- the Australian angle on the 'cut-and-run' issue... (Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Oct 2006)

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