10 October, 2006

Did you miss THIS one, dear Mr. Straw??

Imperial inconsistencies and cultural double-standards are at work again. FunkyPix2's Thought-Police have observed that Jack Straw has conveniently neglected to criticize this suspicious outfit, which covers the face just as much as any Muslim hijab veil. Even more when the sunnies go on.

It has just appeared in Jean Paul Gaultier’s 2007 Spring Collection, and therefore represents the absolute cutting edge of European fashion, a barometer of things to come for all of us. Surely our Jack, the "respected" Leader of the House of Commons, no less, can’t be all that out of touch with the world of his up-and-coming modern young clients in Voter-land?

Mr Straw (...sir) the concerned citizens of FunkyPix2 suggest that you immediately revoke Gaultier’s catwalk license and passport, impound all the outfits, and refer him and all his terrorist models ("persons-of-interest") to your MI5 “Intelligence”. You might also like to anonymously alert popular TV stations of the secret planned route of the prison vans. You know - the type with the blacked-out windows - always swerving around the same corner (or is that a file tape?). Above all, confiscate that fake cigarette holder, which is so obviously a disguised weapon.

PS …and while you’re at it, we think you should ban the Islamic version of Barbie… even though she doesn’t communicate verbally. It bodes badly for the future direction of European fashion, let alone encouraging the cultural warping of young minds… don’t you think?

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