30 October, 2006

Mystery photo essay:
You decide what it all means

Sydney Aqualung Club HQ

A non-consumer, therefore not worth rescuing from starvation

Amazon river, 2006

Somewhere south of Wollongong (see the end of this page
if you'd like to listen to this iceberg)

Give this beast a name.

Hey, if you need a caption to this one, it's time to up your medication.


The top-secret solution is encoded below...

Use your Idiot-Detecting Mouse to solve the rest of the puzzle:

Global Warming Bush loves Johnnie Ducklips Howard

If you're STILL unsure, watch this short flash animated cartoon (with sound) by Nicholson of 'The Australian'. Very 'funny'. It loads quickly, then you can click out and be right back in your beloved FunkyPix2.

Would you like to listen to the sounds of an antarctic iceberg on this mp3 recording? Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute used seismic technology, normally used for measuring earthquakes and tectonic movements, to record sounds made by the B-09A iceberg. The 50 x 20 kilometre iceberg had collided with an underwater peninsular and was slowly scraping around it. Then it stuck fast to the seafloor, causing tidal pressure to force water through its crevasses and tunnels at high pressure. The iceberg literally started ‘singing’. This recording was originally at 0.5Hz, far below the range of human hearing, so the mp3 recording is speeded up to bring it into audible range.

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