17 October, 2006

Flood update #2: Bangkok is beginning to evolve back to its former self

Bangkok is again becoming the "Venice of the East". Not willingly, mind you... canoes don't have air-con or automatic windows. But, on the other hand, they don't need air-bags.

However, for many of the khlong-dwellers, life goes on as usual. It's just that the water-levels have risen a little higher than usual. Perhaps they were right in the first place.

Politicians get in on the act to show they are doing something about the flood problem. Here, various party leaders accompany the new Prime Minister Surayad (second from left) on a staight and narrow stroll in front of a convenient clutch of media cameras. They are proving not only that they are "out there doing battle", but also that they are entirely accustomed to balancing along traditional narrow walkways like this. In other words, "We're genuine Thais with the common touch, just like all of you voters".
FP2's ever-alert Scrutineer Squad has spotted the scam, though... notice the person walking along dry ground on the right. SPRUNG.

Each one is desperate not to be the first to overbalance. Now that would be regarded as a very bad omen indeed, literally flagging the end of that person's career. You might think I'm exaggerating. Wrong.

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