06 October, 2006

UN Speech: USA prepares to invade Australia

Australia’s RAAF prepares to resist the coming USA invasion.

United Nations Building, New Delhi, 11 September, 2014.
The President of the UNIFIED STATES OF ASIA (the newly-formed Coalition of China, India and Burma), today claimed that the dictatorial Howard regime in Australia was clandestinely concealing and stockpiling a massive arsenal of nuclear warheads secretly inherited after the post-Iraq collapse of America in 2009.

The USAsia claimed that the rogue Kangaroo Republic posed an imminent and serious threat to world security. Through an impassioned speech to the UN in its New Delhi headquarters, the USAsia’s General Koh-Lin Poh-wel appealed to all countries to back its proposal to send an overwhelming Coalition force to liberate Australia. He claimed that it was time for 'Regime Change' in the only remaining nation which still criminally refused to sign up to the Kyoto Protocols on Climate Change. He continued:

“We have proof that this senile right-wing dictator has already ruthlessly wiped out thousands of ethnic Turds in the Mortgage Belt region of Australia, and would not hesitate to consolidate his grip on power by any means available to him, including chemical bombs”.

“In fact, the USAsia has obtained proof that Howard, during his eighth term in office, obtained significant supplies of fertilizer from Nauru. Our intelligence also reveals increased housing activity around Canberra and Lucas Heights, indicating that Howard is unrepentantly continuing to build stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction. After all, let’s not kid ourselves – he’s clinging to a fifth of the world’s uranium supplies in this, the Post-Oil Age. This war criminal must be hunted down and toppled so that genuine Democracy and Freedom can spread to Australia. We ask all countries to join our anti-terrorist effort: if you are not against us, you are for us”.

Later, in a press conference, General Poh-wel emphatically denied that the USAsia was merely seeking to grasp control of Australia’s vast uranium energy supplies. He also denied that George Bush was being treated contrary to the torture rules of the Geneva Convention during his fifth year in Taiwan’s Ghan-Tan-Amoh Pacific Detention Centre. He then brushed aside suggestions that Indonesia’s ShinCorp and Ample Rich4 were lining up to lead the post-Howard reconstruction phase.

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