13 October, 2006

Rumsfelt test-drives his new weapon. "SURELY we can do better than a mere 650,000".

Donald Rumsfelt, pictured putting his new Bunker-Buster through its paces.

Ladies and Jellybeans, the Wide House is proud to introduce its latest mobile bunker-buster, featuring unique carpet-bombing technology PLUS the capacity to extinguish rogue Bush-fires.

It's the nucular-powered "Rumsfelt U-P2" multi-purpose model, brought to you by your friendly Lockheed-Martin Munitions Corporation, with help from your local Olmert Compassion Foundation.

Rums bin Felt was inspired to design the U-P2 after He heard that 650,000 Iraqi citizens had died in His war.
His shocked reaction:
"Only 650,000 dead? Jesus Christ, you mean we missed some?"

The zappy new Rumsfelt U-P2 is also available commercially from FunkyPix2 for a mere $650. Add $50 extra for the personally signed model (on the seat). Available only in various shades of dark brown (sorry, cannot guarantee colour consistency).

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