27 October, 2006

Give up surfing, Bush.
Time to head for the beach, pal.

The photo shows surfer G. Bush confronting his future, both in the Middle East and at home. Game Over, George. But for the citizens of Iraq, one of the richest nations on Earth, it’s the beginning of a long expensive struggle to recover. You can bet the USA will wriggle out of paying the cost by continuing to claim that it doesn’t recognize the International Court of Justice. Everybody else on the planet does, ...George. George? .......Ge-orrrrge?

Yesterday, George told anybody who would listen that the USA is winning the war in Iraq. Yes, George.

The Washington Post reported that October’s death toll stood at a shocking 96. They forgot to point out that meant american deaths, and that about 2,600+ Iraqi citizens also died during that same month.

An american serviceperson patrols Baghdad's sufing beach.

Enough cartoons and jolly fun. Here at FunkyPix2, we're seriously aggressive on the issue of Peace... the Blogs of War are on the march.

Here’s a photo (one of many) that ought to help turn the tide of the American War: do you remember that famous photo of Vietnam’s young screaming napalm-burned girl?

An american Marine comforts a fatally-injured Iraqi child:

...and can you put yourself in this boy's position?
Probably not - he's got no feet.

Amen and Awomen. Over to you, voters of america. If you vote for Bush, it will confirm to the world that you approve of the fates of these kids.

~ Caveat Emptor ~

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