05 October, 2006

TORTURE Inc. Gory stuff.... DON'T read this.

FunkyPix2 has noticed two facts:
1. Bush lied about the existence of secret CIA prisons;
2. Howard supports Bush.

…prompting the obvious Logical Question:
Why wouldn’t Howard also lie about the existence of such prisons in Australia?

Unbelievably, Toadface Downer (boo hiss) has even argued that these prisons have been “useful” in the War on [Abstract Noun of your choice]. Sounds waaay too complicit to me.

For the american empire, wouldn’t it be SO much simpler to establish prisons in a soft and complicit country like Austraya than in EEC countries which actively opposed the American War? (hey, it’s not the Iraq War).

The Australian government has also white-washed the gory details of Mamdouh Habib's interrogation. He was hung from the ceiling by the arms, with an option to avoid such prolonged agony by standing on an electrified barrel. He was locked in a room flooded with electrified water. He was strapped to the floor while a naked prostitute menstruated on him. He was shown defaced photos of his family, decapitated and replaced with animal heads, and told they had all been killed. All this, Dear Reader, in the presence of an Australian official.

And you still want to vote Johnnie Ducklips Howard back into power?
Do you sleep OK at night?

Finally, here's a little flash animated cartoon (with sound) by Nicholson of ‘The Australian’ newspaper. It might help you to sleep better.

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