23 July, 2007

Online PETITION to support Dr Haneef

John Howard's final words: .."Believe me... I'm incredible".

PLEASE SIGN this online petion ASAP, and urgently circulate the URL widely:

PETITION TO SUPPORT DR HANEEF (opening in a new window).

This is the URL: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/justice-for-dr-haneef.html

There is also a permanent link in the sidebar of FunkyPix2, but for your convenience, here is a preview of the essential text in the petition:

Dr Haneef has faced a savage attack on his democratic rights. We therefore demand:
1. The immediate reinstatement of Dr Haneef's visa, and his immediate release from prison.
2. An end to government interference in Dr Haneef's case.
3. The scrapping of the new "terror" laws, which fundamentally undermine basic democratic and civil rights.
4. The spurious charges against Dr Haneef, which become weaker every day, should be dropped.

5. The Australian government to pay compensation to Dr Haneef and his family for the immeasureable damage they have caused him.

Howard's old tricks and media illusions can't fool the Australian public any more.

Howard is pressing the PANIC button. He can't turn Haneef into Tampa2 any more than he can get away with more lying about Climate Change. He can't turn lead into gold as he used to attempt. FunkyPix2 has an article on the hideous racism of John Dubya Ducklips Howard, and useful anti-Coalition material here, here, here and here. Alternatively, see my "Browse by Category" list in the sidebar, particularly the link to 'Australian Politics' so you can see them all at once. There's also an article clarifying the underlying differences between Right-wing and Left-wing politics, in which I demonstrate that the Liberal Party isn't a liberal party.

Howard's Immigration Minister, Kevin Suckhole Andrews, is weak and obedient to Howard - which is precisely why he was lumped with the "Haneef Sacrifice" job:

"Yes-man" Kevin Andrews harrasses the helpless victim (Haneef),
but keeps his eyes focussed firmly on the REAL bull ...the Election.

Election 2007 ...your BIG chance.
A lot depends on YOU.


  1. Anonymous29 July, 2007

    what a relief that he finally got released!! i couldnt believe they went as far as putting him in jail......it was bad enough that he was in custody at the watch house for so long.

  2. True. Ducklips won't ever apologise either, cuz that would be interpreted by the mass of moron voters as a sign of weakness. I'd see it as a (first ever) sign of strength. Nor does he want a big compensation lawsuit to mess up his election campaign. At least Thaksin was honestly dishonest!!