03 July, 2007

Howard’s “pro"-life non-abortion policy is so misogynist that even his own Un-Liberal Party is revolting against it

Backyard abortionists can’t offer the luxury of a General Anaesthetic to poorer women, so the ‘patient’ must remain awake while seven agonizing needles are stuck into her cervix. Read more here.
........ ??? Did you know. . .

= that Howard does NOT ALLOW Federal government aid to be spent on abortion advice?

……………..…. AND

= that 13% of back-yard abortions result in the woman’s death?

Logical conclusion: This means Howard is prepared to accept that 13% of all women undergoing backyard abortions will die. This is hardly what civilised compassionate people do. However, Tony Abbott, Howard’s Kruel Katholic Killer, doesn't seem at all disturbed by the idea. I wish him a womb. Who has caused more suffering, Jack Kevorkian ...or Tony Abbott?

Fifty federal politicians from all parties, led by none other than a Howard Backbencher (Dr Mal Washer, GP), have rightfully lashed out at the cruelty of this out-dated and repugnant law. It was originally put in place to please fuddy-duddy Independent Senator Brian Harradine way back he held the balance of power. Dr Mal Washer and FunkyPix2 both say the law's an absolute insult to women, and that Howard should have repealed it by now.

The MOST insulting (and sickeningly ironic) bit, quite apart from the woman’s immense pain of and loss of dignity, is that if you happen to survive the ordeal of an illegal back-alley abortion, Howard’s government is happy to give you post-abortion counselling!!! That’s great for those who didn’t die, but for the unlucky 13%, counselling dead people is usually less than effective.

Right-wing conservatives like Howard find no contradiction in protecting insensate embryos the size of a pin-head, while feeling content to kill adults in war or in backyard abortions.
Moral of the Story? ..Don’t vote for Howard’s Un-liberal Party... or anyone else who marginalises, degrades or insults women.

Just how far will right-wing pro-life extremists go?

George W. Bush's mates in Tennessee are introducing laws which would require
death certificates for aborted foetuses.

I imagine the next step would have to be birth certificates issued after “dinner and a movie”??


  1. Well just don't have abortions and you wont die. What about the baby's life? Babies are human being who deserve dignity themselves.. not to be thrown in some dumpster and chopped up. I guess other people are an inconvenience. Since when are do we choose who lives or dies? Being pregnant doesn't kill people but an abortion can. It just makes no sense and I've thought about this a long long time.

  2. Anonymous18 July, 2009


  3. Actually, Anonymous, being pregnant *does* kill people, lots of them every year. Get your head out of your ass, you don't get to decide what other people do with their bodies.

  4. Actually, Anonymous, pregnancy very rarely "kills" and neither do YOU have the right to decide that a child in the womb should be killed to suit your lifestyle. No-one has the right to kill the innocent - not even someone with an ego the size of yours.


  5. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    to advertise against the tax?
    To those against abortion. No, you don't have the right to decide what others' should do with their unborn fetus. Unless you are prepared to either fund the government through taxes to care properly for unwanted children, or you adopt them and bring them up in a nourishing environment (that also means NO SMACKING!), then respect the right of a woman to abort.

    Abortion is one of the hardest decisions that a parent might be forced to make. Most of the time, due to forces outside her control: rape, miscarriage, illness, drugs, abuse, inappropriate environment or finances. You should support abortion at all costs, more than your own life.

    Abortion is humane and brave. Show respect for those whose circumstances lead them to this difficult decision by kipping abortion legal.

  6. Maternal death:

    And in the US:

    Until those who do not want abortion are willing to address ALL the social issues surrounding WHY women get abortions, then we CANNOT stop the procedure. If you aren't willing to look at why a women gets an abortion when her husband threatens to kill her if she's pregnant, or why a women who was raped by a stranger or family might want to, or why the scared teenager who knows she's on the street if she tells mom might want to...well, then you have no right to stop abortion. If you want to honestly help those people, help THEM first.

    Something like 70% of pregnancies end in miscarriage before a woman knows she is pregnant- are our bodies little abortion machines? Yes. Our we breeders? No. If you want to save an unborn baby, carry it yourself.

  7. dear peter of comment #4,
    i'm going to need you to look at that space between your legs. do you see a vagina? no? then that means you're a "man". and you know what the space between my legs mean? that i am a woman. more importantly, that you have NO IDEA what pregnancy is. so, "MR." peter, keep your legs crossed and shut up.