28 February, 2007

IRAQ Picture Gallery:
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Paddle faster, George... your karma's catching up with you.

Hey, it was dopey to invade Iraq in the first place against everyone's advice. Occupation is not the same as Liberation. Now George of the Bungle not only wants to turn around and confront the Iraq shark, he's yelling "Iran or bust!"

Iraq, with its back to the wall, is rescued by super-heros George W. Batman and his brave little sidekick Robin W. Howard. In your dreams. Like the above photograph of a pavement artist, Coalition propaganda is about smoke, mirrors and an occasional direct lie. The retreat from Iraq is being propagandized in the media as a "surge" in order to save face.

George hopes to delay the final humiliation as long as he possibly can so that the next US administration can collect the blame - and as much of the cost as possible. Bush recalls 'that' embarrassing photograph of american GIs clambering onto that final helicopter as it lifted off the roof of the defeated american embassy in Saigon.. . ouch. "Never again", I recall reading in the headline back in 1975...

Grains of Salt supplied FREE with each newspaper, courtesy of FunkyPix2.

The Madness of King George. Here's his tax-payer funded mobile throne for his victory lap in 2008. Kim Jong Il wishes HE'D thought of it. If you think this is dumb, have look at the USA's secret weapon invented by Donald Rumsfelt.

Who Bush imagines he is. ... ...and who he really is .

...and he's got a plan for victory, but cain't quite pernounce...prununciate... prenoncify... (aw, shucks), he cain't SAY it real good.

And as for the 2008 Presidential election...
Voters in Australia do NOT need to vote according to party preferences.
You can vote for candidates in any order you choose.

This faithful Howard-Ducklips clone-voter always votes exactly how he's told, according to the preference cheat-sheet they hand him at the polling booth.
That way he doesn't have to T-H-I-N-K.

The pissed-off Cat in the Cage is a metaphor for the day when Bush, Blair and Howard may be convicted at the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. I hear you laugh and say "It's not possible"... but YES, it is entirely possible. As we speak, precedents about genocide and other war crimes are being set. The only reason america is currently quarantined is because Bush has quarantined it - by simply asserting that the USA and its military do not recognise the International Court. That's how he's getting away with Guantanamo... but his false facade and bravado is merely chest-thumping and legally quite fragile.

It's all part of the bullying arrogance of the 600-lb gorilla that makes the world dislike Coalition members... and will eventually bring them to their knees - and to justice. Being full of your own self-importance will never make crime OK, and there are a lotta people out there with justified axes to grind.

The International Court sentences George Wilful Bush to hang for the murder of...
(psst! HOW many people did you just say?).

Where's Harmonica Lewinsky when she's really needed?

Coalition of the Swimming.
(Guess which one is John Dubya Ducklips Howard)

Australians have a word for people who slavishly follow close behind their boss in order to obtain personal reward.

The rats will have to desert the sinking pier soon enough anyway. Why not do it SOON and save many lives? Surely australia's catholic-cult extremist Tony "The Pope" Abbott would have to agree that ¯Every Sperm is Sacred¯ Are sperms somehow LESS sacred (and MORE dispensible) once they develop into adult human beings? Let's see you wriggle out of that one, young Tone.

Australia's reason for going to war... and for staying there?

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