08 February, 2007

Might this be the ONLY pig image NOT offensive to Muslims during the Year of the Pig?

Could this be the ultimate porcine picture to pacify practioners of Islam? Throughout the rest of 2007, executives from the board of FunkyPigs2 will ruthlessly attempt to censor all pictures and reference to pork, porkers, bacon, crackling etc, out of respect for religious sensitivities of Muslims. The Chinese government has already followed FunkyPix2's shining example of censorship.

For example, in our War on Porcinity we will ruthlessly delete:

Miss Piggy
(the thought of her in a silk cheongsam is utterly intolerable)
Piglet's Adventures with Pooh and Tigger
The 3 little pigs
Chauvinist pigs
deep igneous rocks
Whoopi Goldberg
and the Little Piggy who went to Market...

...flying pigs,

...not to mention any pigtures of Pigpen & Charlie Brown,

...or George W. Bush eating wild boar-on-a-spit,
(he's the piggie in the middle, not the left),

...or pigtures like this, which might be abhorrent to strict Muslims,

...any music or silly jokes about p*gs, b*con, p*rk, etc,

..............and especially these

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