22 February, 2007

Chicken Congress urged to peck for Democracy and Bird Rights

A human terrrrrrrrist chases the few chickens who remain alive in this ghastly burning death-pit. No-one survived - but the human apparently escaped to safety.

The President of the United Coops of America today pledged on behalf of all free chickens to win the War on Terrrrr against agents of the evil organization "W.H.O."

President Chick Guevara said that gangs of masked humans are senselessly slaughtering thousands of civilians with WMD, stuffing them into sacks, burying them alive in pits, then dusting them with a mysterious white powder. Some are even incinerated alive without mercy.

None is safe from the terrrrrrists, even laying hens, chicks and un-hatched eggs. These terrrrrrists will stop at nothing, he said. Training camps are rumoured to be located in an Axis of Evil spanning London, Perris, Noo Yahk and Sinny. Blatant daylight genocidal farm raids are tearing apart families.

Even young chicks are being painfully de-beaked and secretly fed strange body-building drugs without their knowledge. Many are being disabled by having their wing feathers clipped. The President asked "Why is it that the terrrrrrists hate us so much?"

This youngster's top beak has been painfully clipped
so it couldn't effectively Peck Back In Anger.

No wonder millions of young fundamentalist chickens are so angry.

The Chicken Infiltration Agency (CIA) has urged chickens the world over to sharpen up their blunted beaks and attack the terrrrrrrrrists in order to locate and disable their WMD.

The President is also asking Chicken Coopgress to fund an additional 21,500 Avian Corps Freedom Fighters as a counter-terrrrrist force. He also asked for funds to research Mad Human Disease, viz:

The idea that little tiny defenceless birds could be harming larger and more aggressive creatures like humans or cats is utterly ridiculous:

So!!! Chickens of the Coop Unite!

Declare Chicken Jihad against the infidel!

Break free of your chains!

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  1. awesome! hope it truly happens soon!!!