27 February, 2007

Emperor Ducklips Howard is naked except for his uranium hat

Dubya Ducklips Howard wearing his ureanium hat

Australia is full of naked emperors. The nakedist nudist of all is John Dubya Howard (Oh yuk... Perish the thought).

Why are people too timid to pin him down on his obvious self-contradiction about uranium exports? If security is really a 'core' issue for him, he should cease uranium mining and exports immediately, yes/no?
Blind Freddie could see that if a Nerve Gas deposit were discovered in the Northern Territory, it might be considered unwise to export it. It’s a pity that uranium ore looks so harmless and innocent... rather like boring gravel from your own backyard. It might help more if it looked more sinister, maybe like "suspicious white powder".

Howard Ducklips should explain to the world why increased sales of australian uranium are helping to make the world a safer place. He deftly dances around all sorts of distractions, but his arguments always come down to the boring mantra: “Protecting Australian Jobs”, "Federal Deficit" etc, all arguments centering around money. Will you so quickly prioritize your wallet on the day a nuclear fallout cloud from a 'dirty bomb' settles on Sydney - or will you be speeding south on the overcrowded A1 freeway in a blind panic, like everyone else?

Sorry, Mr Howard, australians are NOT whores to the world. At least, I’m not, and nor is Greens senator Christine Milne.

Even if uranium is sold to allegedly “friendly” countries, it can easily be on-sold to 'rogue' states. Uranium is uranium, no matter where it came from, and, once sold overseas, can be re-sold to any third party, despite golden promises to the contrary. Other countries are just as keen to profit from uranium as australia, and in today's world are increasingly likely to get offers they simply can’t refuse, even if the acquiring agents are undesirable types:

Rogue states will seek uranium from places which australia might not have expected. By continuing to sell uranium to the world in defiance of its population's wishes, australia also qualifies as a rogue state with a power-crazy money-hungry dictator.

Once on the open market, uranium can be bought by any country or organisation with cash. Australian Yellowcake may appear in unexpected places, but who will ever be able to prove that it was originally australian uranium?

The West has been propagandizing its own interests and superiority
with nuclear power ever since the 1950s.

. . . and finally, look at this brief animated cartoon showing the Labor Party's fatal flaw of copying Howard by pandering to populism rather than principle.

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