24 January, 2007

IRAQ: Bowing out like Beckham, Bush and Blair

At this stage it’s all about bullets and too little about ballots. Beckham has beaten both Bush and Blair in the race to the Wax Museum of immortality. May god speed the other two rogues – she’s let them stay in office far too long.

Neither Bush nor Blair is eligible to run for office again, due to fixed-term leadership rules, and neither has a close friend or colleague to whom they wish to pass the baton. Bush hired a puny cardiac catastrophe as vice-president and Brother Jeb prefers golf and girls. So you might logically expect this to be Bush’s historical opportunity for selfless statesmanship, yes?

Welcome to Reality. Instead of statesmanship, we are now witnessing the sort of immoral eccentric leadership you get when there is no longer any need to grease electors’ palms. Would Bush have sent the extra troops to Iraq if he or Dick Cheney were running for office again in 2008?

No. Both Blair and Bush think they owe loyalty only to Posterity, their image in the Wax Museum. But one has to ask why they’re not making morally-considered selfless statesman-like decisions in the interest of their nations and of the world. Answer? They're under huge pressure from the BIG MONEY who put them in their positions of power.

Instead, you have dead-duck leaders making dumb military decisions against all military advice and phone-in polls. Result - more dead soldiers and civilians.

So apparently Human Nature comes down to this: Do you want to die by the bullet or the ballot? Perhaps these fixed term leaderships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. In the eyes of the non-western world, Democracy sure ain’t lookin’ good, dude. Now that’s what I call Irony, Georgie. Betraying your own flag, shitting in your own nest... call it whatever you like.

And here's yet another Bush photo-gallery: hey, we’re all continuing to allow ourselves to be LED by this stupid guy and his Blair/Howard suckholes. . .

(Hey buddy - the lens-caps are still on)

Here's our hero, indulging in nasal-digital excavation at a public function.

.....and as for Australia’s puny little Annointed One...

Dubya Ducklips eyes his legacy.

...and after seven more terms in office, just as rising
seawater begins lapping at the Dandenong foothills:

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