28 January, 2007

Brothel Art: a heart-warming story...
"From Bedroom to Boardroom"

Once Upon a Time (last month, actually) there was a little Thai girl who lived with her family in a poor village in a remote region of rural Thailand.

She could have had a choice of any Thai husband she wanted because she was very pretty, but she wanted Power (= Money) much more than mere Matrimony. She promptly high-heeled it off to the Foxy Lady Bar in the tourist ghetto area of Chiangmai, and trawled for dumb foreign bogans oozing big bucks.

She spun all of them the sob-story about how Sad and Vulnerable she was, how Lonely and Weak, and needed Protection so much from a Big Powerful Man ("U 1 dring, mis-TAah?"). She reinforced the myth by cunningly air-brushing a large tear on her portrait on the day-time roller-door. They fell for it every time she promised she was a virgin.

Now she could exert Power without restraint, and get to sleep in too (with air-con), which had never happened when she worked planting rice back in her village. She ended up marrying one of her decayed old pear-shaped lard-tub clients, inheriting the lot (amazingly, after only a week!), buying the Foxy Lady Bar outright, and living happily ever afterwards.

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