07 January, 2007

ETHIOPIA & SOMALIA: another USA oil war by proxy, with cheap AFRICAN UNION security

Could signs like this could be found on the road from Ethiopia to Kenya? Probably not, but hey, it's exactly what the Global Village Idiot dreams of right now.

Let's cut straight to the chase. Anyone who’s in any doubt as to the agenda in Ethiopia should realise that the strife represents just one more sucking arm of the global USA oil-seeking octopus. There’s oil-bearing real-estate in the north of Africa... there’s your clue.

Northern Africa's energy resources are gaining in strategic importance as the USA's other suppliers dry up. Iran is being prickly. Venezuela and Bolivia are nationalising their oil and gas with a view to restricting its flow to america. Doors are slamming. Anything could happen if the Saudi regime zigs instead of zagging. Bush and his cigar-sucking corporate sponsors are panicking.

(Hey, I thought oil was black. Not so in Africa, it seems.)

Some years ago, the USA suffered a humiliating defeat by the warlord General Aideed and tail-between-the-legs withdrawal from Somalia – remember the dead body of the US Marine filmed being dragged around the streets of Mogadishu? At ALL costs, Bush wants to avoid a re-run of that humiliation, especially in the aftermath of the recent Republican Congressional rout at home.

BUT he still DESPERATELY wants to secure the oil. Solution? Follow the same strategic blueprint set recently in Lebanon – ie, pay someone else to do the dirty work by proxy, then come in afterwards, clean up, collect. In Lebanon, Bush’s hired attack dog was Israel, but Olmert botched the job. Bush's latest war, this time in Africa, is being outsourced to Somalia and Kenya: apparently their boys are more expendable than america's. His basic strategy is:

STEP 1: Shove any opposing team well away from the oil-fields, then
STEP 2: KEEP them away, ie, get someone to 'guard the loot'.

To achieve Step 1, Somalia and Kenya have been armed to the teeth by the CIA: the orders would have come straight from the Oval Office...


…hence the speedy crushing of the Ethiopian Islamist forces (code-named 'Operation Shockin' Whore, maybe?). This traditional Ethiopia/Somalia feud has been limping on for years, so how else could there have been so amazingly quick a rout this time? But the trouble is that these pyrrhic victors are the very same warlords who terrorized the Ethiopian population in the past, and local memories will be verrrry long. But nevertheless, blinded by its own lust for oil, the USA has yet again backed a regime which, by its own definition, is ‘terrorist’. And as in Iraq, the Ethiopian stage is set for another descent into a ‘failed state’, jihad, anarchy, etc.

‘Mission Accomplished’ (what, again?). Well, even though the Battle is supposedly won, the War is not yet over (familiar story?). America and its mercenaries are busy rounding up any straggling Islamist 'insurgents' who might try to escape to sea in small boats. The image of a nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier and a squadron of Attack helicopters chasing down a few dhows (=canoes) is both comic and tragic. Also Kenyan soldiers, quietly bank-rolled by the CIA, are blocking the Islamists’ exit over the Kenyan border (see mock photo above). So Step 1 in the plan has been achieved – at least in the short term... which is, as usual, all that matters to Bush.

The western media spin is designed to make the US look like the good guys wearing the white hat. Never mind that the USA's controling "back-room" role up to now has been minimised in the media… even though it’s an open secret to those with eyes. There has been hardly any mention, for instance, of the US Aircraft Carrier conveniently parked off southern Ethiopia (near potential escape points, by sheer co-incidence). However, now that the immediate dirty work of the fight is finished, our western media whips up a frenzy of stories harping on about the US’s 'contributions' in benevolently 'assisting' the African Union to establish a rapid-response 'Peace-keeping Force' in Ethiopia.
Sounds rather like the propaganda equivalent of an advertorial for grandma’s wholesome apple pie.

The African Union is mighty useful to Dubya at the moment, because it’s basically an organisation independent of the UN, even though they (of course) have diplomatic links. Kofi Annan made a recent speech buttering them up wholesale - maybe that wasn’t just a co-incidence... just maybe. But be in no doubt that Bush would prefer the African Union to do the “guarding of the loot” rather than the UN or NATO. The UN has recently has gathered too much dirt on its hands, and is increasingly interpreted as biased in favour of the West. Which it is why else are the UN's head-quarters located in New York, in that collossal 'Tower of Babble' UN building?

So – yet again – Bush gets low-cost out-sourced "security guards". Yippee... no american boys have to get into harm's way. This represents
Step 2: Bush wants his newly-gained oil-fields safely secured without being seen by the world as the ‘The Occupying Force’, as is the case in Iraq. He’s not intrinsically interested in ‘peace’, but only what peace [read: "suppression"] offers him financially.

And he’s also frantic for a quick victory – ANY victory - so he can dangle it before the eyes of opposition Democrats at this very sensitive time of transition of power in american politics. Once again, however, Dubya is being a Bush in a china shop: he hasn't learned a thing from Iraq. He needs to realise (but quick) that stability in Northern Africa would serve the USA's energy interests better than violence. Prepare Ye for Jihad, Northern African-style.

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