13 September, 2007

BENNELONG bloggers! Here's yet another batch of anti-Howard pictures to raid

Photos with portable captions can be powerful political weapons. Please steal any of these pictures and distribute them on the internet... especially around the prime minister's own electorate of Bennelong.

Malcolm Turnbull can see the writing on the wall. He's clearly positioning himself for the Coalition's post-Howard era in Opposition. He's willing to eat humble pie now so he can present himself later as a courageous candidate. I don't doubt that he dreams of a future RUDD vs. TURNBULL election. Turnbull would be as much a disaster as Howard, if not even more .right-wing and hawkish.
Hey Grandpa, might it not have been better to accept more refugees instead of paying $500,000 each to imprison them on Nauru? These are people who would do Australia proud, just like Italian and Greek refugees of the 1950s. Just like you and me... we're ALL Boatpeople, John. Australia does need more people, but there's no need to be so embarrassingly racist about it.


...JOHN ??

Tell John Ducklips Howard you don’t like WorkChoices. Sign this ONLINE PETITION (by GetUp.org, in a new window). The Get Up! campaign has many socially-responsible petitions and other direct actions for you to take. Visit their homepage here (also in a new window). When you're there, click on the 'Campaigns' tab for a wide array of petitions to sign, etc. Like Nicole Kidperson, we all get old before our time... even Kevin Rudd:

See another photo of an older balder Kevin Rudd (among others) when you scroll down this Un-official Portrait Gallery of Australian leaders. Eerily, a balder Rudd closely resembles John Dubya Ducklips Howard.

Howard is a right-winger, not a liberal. The well-meaning graffitist in the photo above unfortunately may not understand the vast difference between the terms "liberal" and "Liberal". The very name "Liberal Party" is yet another bald-faced lie.

Peter Costello's claim that Rudd would not be able to manage the economy ignores the fact that it was the Howard government which invented the GST, ie, what used to be your cash. That's why his 11 budgets have been bulging with fat surpluses. No previous government has ever ripped Australians off as much. And despite the promise to reduce income tax by way of compensation, July 30th is still a bad-hair-day out here in voter-land. Note that any future government will have the SAME amount of GST money to spend, and probably won't waste so much of it on futile wars in Iraq, Pacific Solutions, etc.

More anti-Howard photos are here, or you can get ALL my posts on Australian politics together on one page here. They're crammed with pictures which may help end Howard's ten-year trashing of Australia's morals and integrity. Spread them around ASAP.

And finally, as your reward, watch two more short flash-animated cartoons from Peter Nicholson of "The Australian" newspaper. The first is about Howard's leadership issue and the second is about his alleged poll bounce They're quick to load and fun.

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