20 August, 2007

BENNELONG anti-Howard bloggers:
please circulate these photos

A photo can convey a lot of information very quickly and strongly influence opinions. If you can get someone to laugh at Howard, it makes it that bit harder to continue supporting him. And regardless of my belief that politics should be about policies not personalities, I accept that John Howard is the red dot at the centre of the target at the moment. This is true whether you vote Green or Labor.

I invite you to distribute these photos via the internet as widely as you can in the interests of dumping the Howard government.

More photos are available here... including Johnny Apeshit...

You can bring up all my articles on Australian Politics here. They are crammed with photos aimed at bringing down Johnny Dubya Ducklips and his right-wing extremist government.

..... I'd give my right leg to live in a world without landmines...

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