20 August, 2007

MAL BROUGH didn’t apologise at all – he merely said he was sorry that Aborigines felt offended by his words. The classic Howard dodge.

No matter how much gloss and propaganda Howard exploits in order to excuse his NT Aboriginal Intervention, it remains a deeply-scarring and embarrassingly racist betrayal.
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Brough’s attitude to the NT Intervention is an object lesson in how to get people’s backs up. He is like the unfair school-teacher who punishes the entire class for the misdeeds of a few of the ‘bad kids’. Brough-as-Guts Mal not only wields un-natural justice but remains unapologetic about it.

Brough’s back-handed “apology” for offensive remarks about “their [being] in too much of a fog of substance abuse” actually reinforces what he said earlier. It’s like saying to them “I’m sorry if you’re offended by what I said”, rather than “I’m sorry for what I said”. It’s not an apology at all – it’s a disguised re-affirmation of what he originally said!
In Brough's bible (the Howardspeak Dictionary),
.............................. SORRY = DISAPPOINTED.

And in any case, he and his boss John Ducklips Howard have decided to go in with their jackboots on, regardless of consequences. I detect some resonance with the dictatorial arrogance of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Homeland Insecurity, anyone?
Oi oi oi, it couldn’t possibly happen in BENNELONG !

Or could it…?

Hopefully, some Bennelong residents may find this reversed scenario offensive:

Northern Territory, Jan 26, 2015. Aboriginal Prime Minister Joan Hoowaddy today passed legislation in the Yirrkala parliament which permit ATSIC troops and Black Police to intervene in the corruption-wracked White community of Bennelong. Mrs Hoowaddy said she couldn’t help it if the entire electorate was in a fog of substance abuse, but planned to intervene anyway. “We will ban Bundy rum and all beer”, she said, “because they are the cause of so much violence against white women and children. We will check all your computers for illegal material. I’m sorry if you’re offended, but we know what’s best for you all”.

It’s highly unlikely that the (Christian?) Howard and Brough are being as Good Samaritan-ish as they claim. There are darker agendas lurking behind this intervention, including the probability that they want to repossess remote communities as future nuclear waste dumps. In future years, when the resources boom feeding frenzy is exhausted, Australia may find itself in the same position as Nauru, whose only natural resource (birdshit) is all used up. Howard’s Big Business Mates (BBM) can see it coming only too well. Australia’s economy is surviving at the moment only because it is resource-driven [read: propped up with steroids]. The BBM will certainly be taking steps behind-the-scenes to pressure the un-Liberal Party to hedge against their demise. They only promote Howard because he is their last-ditch recourse to establish long-term extremist Right-wing agendas. They’re adopting the “let’s-push-him-up-for-as-much-as-we-can-get-while-we-still-can” Election Strategy. Consider this - why else would he be planning to sell uranium to India and Russia? Aw shucks, why not just sell it direct to Burma to avoid the middle-man? Ah, but I digress…

Again, a reverse-racist scenario, this time from the Future:

Northern Territory Times, August 4, 2026. Prime Minister Hoowaddy was criticised today for the forced evacuation and relocation of hundreds of Bennelong households in preparation for the installation of a massive wind farm. She said in reply that she was sorry if they were offended, but that the people of Bennelong were in a constant fog of substance abuse and were obviously incapable of understanding what was best for them and the future of their children.

Never seen an Aboriginal community? …or a humpy? .Click here for the audio slideshow entitled "AUSTRALIA'S SHAME" from the Sydney Morning Herald. It might have been more appropriate coming from the likes of the "Yirrkala Gazette" ...but there's no such publication. Neither does Telstra doesn't bother with Broadband internet out there because there's not enough dosh in it for them.

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