26 August, 2007

“Bishop attacks Pope”. Ooh, what a GREAT headline. GEOFFREY ROBINSON criticises church inaction on Sexual Abuse.

At last, a breath of fresh honest air. Bishop Geoffrey Robinson is correct in his new book “Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church”. He insists that the popes have failed to address the problem of Sexual Abuse by Catholic clergy. He echoes what FunkyPix2 has written in an earlier article. However, today I nail a further declaration to the proverbial church door.

I say that the popes’ failure to admit the ongoing problem is Grand Hypocrisy. As one of its basic requirements, I am led to understand that the church expects its True Believers to confess their sins. And unless I’m mistaken, the pope is True Believer #1. I wonder if, in the locked confession box of his own secret musings, the pope silently confesses his failure to his god. If he doesn’t confess it, then presumably he doesn’t truly understand that Sexual Abuse constitutes a sin. Maybe he’s just used to it after all these years. Hardened to it, perhaps?

For instance, in my own youth there have been many occasions when I heard Wise Things and thought I had understood them. Only in later life I gradually realised I hadn’t understood them on any profound level at all. It's still happening, and always will. Experience is such a large part of understanding. The point here is that on matters sexual, celibate priests are hardly experienced.
Or shouldn’t be.

As a role model to aspiring Christians, one might expect honesty and transparency instead of an increasingly vicious circle of lies and concealments. New lies to cover the bullshit of old ones. In the public eye, churches of every denomination are increasingly seen to be more interested in self-preservation than in saving souls. So if the head honcho of the Catholic Church cannot bring himself to confess sins, what authority can he hope to keep, let alone increase? How many more Geoffrey Robinsons will we need in order to inform the Empoperor that he has no clothes?

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