25 August, 2007

Sign the PETITION against the Gunns Pulp Mill

Another green political football. The Gunns Pulp Mill is still only a proposal, even though Malcolm Turnbull has already given it Interim Approval. Resistance is vital.
The PETITION is below. Please Sign It. Sorry - now closed. But it WORKED!!

The Gunns pulp mill in Tasmania is environmental madness. Even some of Howard's own top guys are coming out against it. Former PM Malcolm Fraser is against it. If there has to be a pulp mill, there are less damaging locations.

But Howard suckhole Malcolm Turnbull is clearly obeying instructions from his boss Ducklips Howard that this pulping project must go ahead. Australians have only a few DAYS [until 31 August] to voice disapproval. Bloody typical... right-wingers like Turnbull sideline and minimize the opinions of the majority, then bluster on about Democratic ideals, Freedom etc. You are quite correct to feel offended when multi-millionaire Turnbull, one of the wealthiest Tory silver-spoons in the country, ignores you in favour of pleasing the ruling elite.

To sign the PETITION, click here,
and it will appear in a new window. When you've signed, you can click out and be right back here in your beloved FunkyPix2, your #1 source of bullshit-..................... seeking intercontinental photographic missiles.
.... Howard has appointed conservative High Court judges who are
.... more likely to be sympathetic to his corporate-oriented politics.

....... (Lean close to your screen to hear what this tree is trying to yell)

We all shovel shit for a living, but the Howard Government is treating we citizens of Australia with contempt worthy of Robert Mugabe. It is effectively muzzling dissent about the Gunns mill by closing public consultation in so short a time. It is running Australia exactly like a corporation, much like Thaksin Shinawatra did in Thailand. Costello's latest profit/loss statement revealed that Australia Limited's profits just magically rose from $12 Billion to $15 Billion. Where did they get all that? From the pockets of its customers - you. The rich are getting richer...

Prepare to giggle: here's a puppet-style John Howard spoof video where he reveals his election strategies. This LiveLeak video is hosted so it should start automatically and load quickly.

...and finally, here's Pulp Rock, another flash animated cartoon from Nicholson of The Australian. Peter Garrett's not lookin' good.

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