12 September, 2007

Show & Tell: Our Trip to Malaysia

Fort Cornwallis, Penang (Pinang) Island, Northern Malaysia. The photo offers a cryptic clue to how the
ever-honest and morally-upright British Empire managed to persuade its slaves to donate their entire country to England, and to work for them - for free.
Ironically, the fort was named after General Cornwallis, who had failed miserably in the American War of Independence, so had consequently been promoted sideways and put out to pasture as the Gov-General of Hongkong. These days, the fort houses a postcard shop and cheap cafe, plus a few 'artefact' display rooms with freezing air-con escaping through wide-open doors. The wallpaper muzak was some orchestral Handel, complete with war-like trumpets. Ironically, Handel was German, and wrote Italian-style music.
As promised, here's our Official Report on our 'colonial' fact-finding mission to Malaysia. This was our first foray in our search for an alternative country to live in, given that the Thai government has, without notice, doubled its financial requirements for 'alien' retirees such as we.

Summary: Some interesting aspects, but not yet convinced. Maybe we'll need another trip ;-)

See the complete report, plus many funky travel pics here.

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